Paving Cranston RI

Asphalt & Paving Cranston RI

Are you a residential home owner looking to asphalt and pave your driveway? Are you looking for a stunning walkway to the front of your home? At RI Paving Experts, we deliver the best paving, sealcoating and pavement repair services in all of Rhode Island. We also serve business owners who need to asphalt & pave their business parking lot.

There is no need to worry, we provide the best quality hard scape services at the most affordable rates. For homeowners looking to repave a driveway, there are affordable options that may be right for you. Our contractors will come out and assess your property to determine the most suitable option for you!

Cracked driveway in Cumberland RI

Typical Driveway Overlay Cranston RI

This is a viable option for many home owners looking to touch up an old driveway as long as the current driveway is still structually sound. In this situation we would apply a thick ashpalt overlay as well as grade the ashpalt.

Homeonwers will find that their driveway looks absolutely amazing after we complete their project. We pride ourselves in providing the most beautiful and highest quality drivways and walkways.

Typical Driveway Overlay Cranston RI

Living in Cranston you will find temperatures to be quite cold during the winter months.
Given that Cranston sits at Longitude -71.4372796 and Latitude 41.7798226, our winters can get extremely cold. We advise all of our prospective clients that they should always look to install new driveways in warmer months.

Generally speaking, March through October tends to be the most favorable time frame In colder months the asphalt becomes unworkable in a very short time when the weather is very cold. When install your new driveway, we will typically begin by bringing in gravel first then a proper asphalt base will be installed.

We follow that with another layer of asphalt. This ensures a very sound drivway that is made to last for many years. Lastly, we skillfully cut and shape the edges of your driveway that will give it that beautiful look.

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Cranston RI Parking Lot Paving

We service local businesses looking to pave their parking lots. Our team approaches each commercial project with the understanding that business downtime must reduced as much as possible.

That is why once we assess your project we will get to work as soon as possible. Our team will work dilegently to ensure that we complete your parking lot efficiently and timely. Our RI paving contractors will fully ensure that your business parking lot is completed with upmost quality.

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sealcoating driveway in residential area Newport RI

Cranston RI Sealcoating - Commercial & Residential

Our contractors provide driveway repairs and patching as well as sealcoating
your entire driveway or parking lot. Sealcoating driveways and parking is absolutely essential. Home owners and business owners should understand that sealcoating provides a very durable protective outer skin. Living in New England brings a lot of harsh weather which is very damaging to asphalt. That is why we advise our residential clients to sealcoat their driveways every few years.

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