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At SMT Asphalt & Paving, we take great pride in our work and services that we deliver to each one of our clients. From the point of concept to project completion, you can rest assured that your driveway or walkway will be installed correctly and built to last for many years to come.

Rhode Island Driveway and Walkway Installation

Whether it be your driveway or walkway, our crew will carefully prepare the area to ensure that appropriate measures are taken from the start of the project. We will bring in gravel if needed in order to properly grade and strengthen the existing area.Our team will then compact the entire project area to ensure that the strength and integrity of your residential driveway base and walkway base is properly maintained and strictly sound. All street and curb edges are then skillfully and neatly cut for aesthetic appeal.

Our team will install multiple layers of asphalt, a base coat and then quality grade top coat. This ensures that your driveway and walkway will last for years to come. After your driveway or walkway has been fully installed by our team and the project has been complete, we will tape off the area as necessary. We know that once all tasks have been completed, you will be absolutely satisfied with the results.

RI Driveway Overlay Installation

Another option that many homeowners seek as alternative option to fully replacing an existing driveway is to apply an asphalt overlay to an existing driveway. This may prove to be a viable alternative as long as your existing asphalt base is structurally sound. Also, as long as there is enough available space to apply an overlay then this may be a good options for some homeowners.

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Installation of Brand New Driveway in Lincoln RI

Typical Residential Driveway And Walkway Scope Of Work

  • Removing and hauling away existing driveway

  • Redesign of current driveway or walkway

  • Grading and stabilization of existing area

  • Installation and compact base coat of asphalt

  • Installation and compact top coat of asphalt

  • Clear and fully clean area of debris

Paving New Subdivision roadway in East Greenwich RI
New residential asphalt driveway in Johnston RI

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