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Sealcoating or pavement sealing is the process where a protective coating is applied to asphalt pavements. The coating provides a layer of protection against natures elements and is designed to extend the life of your pavement. Homeowners and business owners should sealcoat pavement surfaces every 3 – 5 years.

Our recommendation is to give is a call to look at your driveway. Our team is courteous and professional. We typically complete residential projects in 1 day. Our team has been providing the best sealcoating services in RI for many years. Don't let an ugly old driveway get in the way, be sure to Give Us A Call Today!

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Determining How Frequent Sealcoating Will Be Needed

  • Frequency of vehicle traffic

  • Heavy-duty vehicles

  • Harsh Winter Temperatures

  • Degrading Surface

Many business and property owners often ask why should I sealcoat my parking lot. Quite simply, when you sealcoat a parking lot it prevents asphalt surface oxidation. The sealcoating provides a thick protective outer skin. Not to mention, it reduces damaging water penetration and also protects against nasty harsh chemicals such as gasoline, oil and antifreeze.

Homeowners and business owners must keep in mind that sealcoating should be applied in ideal weather conditions. Keep in mind that less than ideal weather conditions sacrifices the integrity of the material. The most ideal weather for sealcoating are 70 degrees and over with humidity below 60% in direct sunlight.

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Residential Sealcoating

Our sealcoating services are like no other in New England. Our professional contractors are highly skilled and experts in their craft.We utilize industry standard techniques when sealcoating residential driveways. We take great pride in delivering a remarkable service. Homeowners love how beautiful their driveways look after we sealcoat them.

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Commercial Sealcoating

Our commercial sealcoating services are second to none. You will be amazed how well our contractors pay attention to every detail. When we complete your project we will leave your parking lot or commercial property looking beautiful. There truly is no job that is too big that we can't handle. We have a full staff as well as state of art equipment.

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